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Proper driving skills and road safety are essential for everyone operating or planning to have an automobile in the future. Noble Driving School offers all the basic knowledge and techniques needed to drive different vehicles safely and observe road safety measures.

Our school has been serving the community for the past ten years. It has highly trained instructors who are always patient and courteous with learners to ensure the best results.

The main aim of our school is to train safe and confident drivers. So far, we have helped over 1000 people become safe and professional drivers.


Driver Training Courses You Will Recieve at Noble Driving School

Our school features class 7 and class 5 driving classes. Class seven lessons take one 1-2 years of training under a qualified driving instructor. With class 7 training, you can get a novice license.

Class 5 lessons are usually taken after finishing the class 7 lessons. It usually involves a road test you should pass to get your full license. The test normally includes a road test and pre-inspection and takes 30-45 minutes. Our drivers will take you to every critical road situation to gauge your driving ability.

The Programs We Offer!

The noble driving school targets both apprentice and existing drivers of any age group who want to learn or harness their driving skills and knowledge.

We offer different driving lessons to all drivers, including new drivers, advanced drivers, senior drivers, and corporate drivers. To understand more about these programs, reach us today.

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Why Choose Noble Driving School?

Noble Driving School has helped over 1000 clients over the last ten years. With our school, you’re sure of getting excellent passing results. Some of the aspects making us unique from our competitors are:

  • We offer professional and friendly service for all age groups.
  • We offer services in three different languages, which are English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
  • We provide bespoke and high-end driving programs from certified and competitive instructors.
  • Free drop-off and pick-up within 10km
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • In-car lessons and road signs recognition
  • Competitive rates
  • High-quality cars with dual or controlled air conditioning.
  • Learners are also provided with road test cars and more reliable, flexible, polite, and patient service.
  • We also provide study materials in Punjabi.